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The greater push for healthy food options has put raspberry health benefits into the limelight. Not too long ago, we were obsessed with cherries, wheat grass, and spirulina as super foods packed with nutritious and disease-preventing substances; add raspberries to that list. The long list of raspberry health benefits will surely get you craving for a fresh serving of delicious, disease-fighting and refreshing raspberries.

Disease Prevention

The buzzword for any super food is disease-prevention, or in more quantifiable terms, how much antioxidants it contains in one serving. In this regard, raspberries should be considered serious disease-fighting food contenders. Raspberries are abundant in ellagic acid, a specific antioxidant that has been shown to prevent or slow down damage to cells by proactively neutralize free radicals. One does not need to look beyond the shelves of many drugstores to find ellagic acid which is commonly sold separately as a food supplement.

The ellagic acid in raspberries combines with anthocyanins and other phytonutrients in fighting to lower one’s risks against cancers and other cardiovascular illnesses. Free radicals also attack arterial walls, causing it to become brittle eventually leading to stroke or heart failure. An abundant source of antioxidants allows the body to counteract this action resulting in lower risks against cancers and heart ailments.

Enhancement of Regulatory Body Processes

One of the best health benefits of raspberries is due to its high content of vitamins that are essential to normal body function. The vitamins that can be found in raspberries include Vitamin C, riboflavin (B12), folic acid (B6), niacin (B3) and minerals like manganese, magnesium copper and potassium. These vitamins and minerals allow normal body processes like digestion, respiration and immunity – among others – to proceed without limitations and constraints resulting to a healthier you.

Fat Burning and Weight Loss

Believe it or not, raspberry health benefits also extend to fat burning and weight loss. Raspberries have low calorie content so they are ideal as mid-meal snacks without the risk of excess calorie intake. Add to this the fact that raspberries are high in fiber which helps to control the digestive process so you feel fuller for longer. Overall, a diet with raspberries combined with sufficient exercise can lead to wonders in terms of weight loss and health.

Other Nutritional and Health Benefits

Raspberries also carry a lot of other benefits that are medicative in nature:

· Studies show that raspberries are effective herbal treatment for nausea, pain, and hemorrhage. It can also be used to relieve fever.
· Raspberries can be used as a mouthwash due to its astringent properties. It kills germs in the mouth leading to healthier gums and teeth.
· Raspberries are also known to benefit patients with urinary tract problems.
· The Vitamin A in raspberries helps to prevent eyesight degradation.

Raspberry health benefits show the importance of incorporating fruits into one’s diet. The given accessibility and affordability of raspberries make it an ideal snack for any time of the day and the nutritious substances in raspberries make it an almost non-negotiable source of healthy nutrients at a cheap price. So go out and incorporate raspberries into your diet today; you know it’s good for you.