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Pomelo Health Benefits

If you are tired of the standard list of healthy fruits that you often buy from the nearest supermarket, perhaps it’s time to expand your horizons and consider more exotic choices such as those offered by pomelo health benefits. The pomelo fruit is a relative of oranges and lime, but at a slightly bigger size. The fruit is typically grown in Southeast Asia but has already been heavily exported to various corners of the world and is sure to be a present at a supermarket near you.

The primary pomelo health benefits stems from 3 main substances that are abundant in a serving of pomelo fruit. These are vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. A serving of pomelo, consisting of about 190 grams, contains 193% of one’s vitamin C daily requirement, 12% of one’s daily potassium needs, and 8% of one’s recommended fiber intake. These substances all combine to provide a long list of laudable pomelo health benefits that are welcome additions to anyone’s diet.

The high vitamin C content of pomelo, as is fairly common in most citrus fruits, helps strengthen one’s immune system. This improves one’s resistance against everyday illnesses like coughs and colds but is also helpful in fighting off many other diseases. A high Vitamin C diet is known to improve one’s resistance against Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) as well as improve one’s ability to heal superficial wounds. Vitamin C is also a vital ingredient in teeth and gum health as well as a critical vitamin that is essential to the utilization of iron, thereby improving one’s resistance against anemia.

Potassium, on the other hand, is responsible for a lot of the processes affecting the muscles. The involuntary contractions and relaxation of the heart muscles for pumping blood requires on a delicate balance of electrolytes consisting primarily of potassium ions. Thus, a diet consisting of high potassium doses will help improve heart function. The same can be said of cramping, which happens when the body experiences an electrolyte imbalance. These pomelo health benefits based on potassium are extremely valuable for people who constantly experience irregular heart palpitations or are in constant pain due to leg cramps. Athletes who are into endurance sports will also benefit from regularly eating pomelo.

Fiber is integral for digestive health. Fiber from pomelo sweeps the intestines free from toxins and other digestive by-products which can lead to constipation or irregular bowel movement. Moreover, a diet consisting of high fiber amounts helps improve one’s eating habits as it gives the perception that you are already full, thereby controlling appetite and weight gain.

Pomelo also has a very high water content which is essential for proper hydration. If you feel that you are not drinking enough water on a daily basis, you can try to fill-in the deficiency by eating more fruits like pomelo to nourish your body with healthy water from natural sources.

There are plenty of pomelo health benefits that are readily accessible to people who would care to pick up a pomelo or two from the local grocers. Indeed, it’s a healthy fruit that offers considerable advantages to those concerned with health, nutrition, and proper dieting. Check it out and welcome another exotic fruit to your diet today. Chances are, you’d love it enough to make it a mainstay.