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Noni Health Benefits have gotten a lot of publicity over the past few years. The reason for this is a number of studies have come out which show this exotic fruit to be full of not only familiar nutrients and Vitamins, but others that are not so familiar. In fact they are almost mysterious.

The noni fruit is not something you will find sold at groceries stores in states or anywhere else where it is not native. It is more of a specialized fruit that is more popular with the advocates of natural health and natural health alternatives. Though it is hard to find the fresh fruit, you can usually find the much sought after juice of the noni in many health related specialty stores where they can give more information about the noni health benefits.

A noni fruit tree can be just a small bush or can grow to be 30 feet tall, according to the age of the tree and the region you are in. It is usually aboot the size of a pear and even the same color as the green varieties. However, the noni fruit has a number of small seeds you can see from the outside, perhaps like you can see the eyes or seed of a potato, only a little larger. It is a soft fruit and will provide lots of juice if crushed.

Older cultures have been using the noni fruit for 1000s of years because of the known noni health benefits. It was first cultivated over 2000 years ago in the Polynesian Islands.

The fruit and juice of the noni for medical purposes is not the only thing this exotic tree is known for. For centuries people in different parts of the world have been using the bark, roots and leaves for not only medicine but for dyes and as a food source.

Thought there were other studies done on noni health benefits beginning in 1972, it was in the 1990's that the fruit began to get a lot more attention for its medical value. It seems there was an unknown molecule found in the noni fruit that hadn't been found in other species of fruit. For this reason a number of companies began marketing products made from the noni, especially its juice.

Noni juice is said to strengthen bones, regulate hormone production and improve the cardiovascular system. Because is contains a natural composition of vitamins and nutrients it can help keep the immune systems strong.

Like most fruit, the noni is a large amount of antioxidants which help in decreasing the production of cholesterol and heart attacks.

If you feel you are interested in noni health benefits or just the fruit in general there is a lot of information on the internet about it.

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