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The mango is a tropical tree that has been used for its fruit for thousands of years. Once it is established it becomes a sturdy tree which can live for many centuries. The roots of a mango tree can extend to 20 feet deep and trees that are known to be 300 years old still bear fruit. Its fruit, when mature is very juicy with fibers radiating its large seed. The flavor is very sweet due to a high natural sugar content.

Although usually eaten for its unique taste, mango health benefits have been found to surpass many other fruits more widely known for their healing qualities. This article will try and furnish you a few of these.

For one thing, mangoes have a very high fiber content. As we all know a diet high in fiber can help our bodies in a number of different ways. They also contains pectin, which is a soluble dietary fiber known for its ability to lower cholesterol levels as well as lower the risk for certain types on cancers.

As far as vitamins go, it is hard to find a fruit with a larger vitamin content than mangoes. They contain vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as phosphorus and magnesium. If you are having a little high blood pressure, mangoes are very rich in potassium. Numerous studies have show that potassium is great for helping to reduce high blood pressure levels.

Mango health benefits also include a high iron content. This is very beneficial for individuals who are prone to be anemic. Many women are anemic due to their monthly menstrual cycles and eating mangoes can help replenish some of the iron loss that occurs during this time. Pregnant women can also add mangoes to their diet to replace some of the iron that is depleted during pregnancy. Eating mangoes can make the baby healthier, and make the pregnant mother healthier as well. Eating enough mangoes can even eliminate the need for taking iron pills. However, always consult with your physician about your iron levels before depending on mangoes for your only source of iron.

If you or someone you know is having trouble with acne or other skin problems, mango health benefits can even be of help here. Mangoes have been shown to unclog skin pores which makes them less likely to become infected. Instead of ingesting the mango, you simply slice the mango into thin slices and put it on the area where you are having the skin issues. Let them sooth the skins pores for around ten minutes and then rinse with warm water. You will be able to notice improvement within days. This is much healthier than most facial treatments because mangoes do not have any detrimental chemicals that can harm the skin.

One of the major mango health benefits is its anti-inflammatory properties. This can be a big help in diseases such as arthritis or gout. I am not saying mangoes can completely cure these problems, but if it only takes away a portion of the pain and discomfort, I am sure it would a very welcome relief for those suffering from these diseases.

There are many other medical uses for mangoes that I do not have the time to go into great detail on right now. However, some of them are known to be diarrhea, constipation, bacterial infections, fever, liver problems and respiratory problems.

If you are a health conscience person who is interested in replacing some of those high fat, high calorie foods you have been eating with some natural fruits, you have come to the right place. We are going to be adding content about different fruits on a weekly basis, so be sure and bookmark us. In a few months this will be a huge site with anything and everything you want to know about different fruits