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Juicing for Health - And Weight Loss Too

Due to the current change in lifestyle humankind is more exposed to the risk of developing a wide array of illnesses such as cancer, skin diseases, osteoporosis, depression and weight gain. This is because of the acid-alkalinity imbalance in their bodies. The food that we consume introduces chemicals in our bodies that increase the level of acidity.

There are also many factors that stress individuals ranging from work related to family related variants. Stress too contributes to an increase in the level of acidity. According to scientific research juicing for health helps to alleviate these problems, individuals are able to obtain and maintain a healthy state of their bodies.

Juicing for health hastens the healing process. This is because juicing enhances the ability of body cells to assimilate all the nutrients present in fresh vegetables and fruits. Moreover, the fresh juice boosts the ability of the body to repair damages due to its detoxifying and cleansing properties. Ideally, an individual should consume about three servings of vegetables and five servings of fruit on a daily basis to absorb the require nutrients for healthy living. Juicing avails these nutrients at a go therefore eliminating the need to eat the daily recommended serving of fruits and vegetables. Juicing also curbs the destruction of nutrients since no cooking is required.

Juicing for health introduces beneficial enzymes found in raw food into the body. These enzymes enhance the metabolic rate. Moreover, juicing enables the body to get sufficient phytochemicals which aids the body in fighting diseases. In addition, juicing avails vital antioxidant compounds into the body. As a result there is a boost in the immune system thereby accelerating the speed of illness recovery. The fibers in vegetables and fruits trap a high amount of vitamins and minerals. Juicing the fruits and vegetables allows the body to easily absorb these elements and assimilate them within a very short period of time. This further boosts the immune system.

Due to the poor feeding habits most individuals have intestines that are relatively compromised therefore cannot absorb the required amounts of nutrients. In such an instance juicing for health is crucial as it facilitates the body to easily absorb the nutrients. On the other hand, juicing fruits and vegetables is well suited for a fast paced and busy lifestyle. Individuals are able to have the required types and amount of nutrients in their body using minimal effort.

However, to gain the full benefits of juicing for health the prepared juice should be drank immediately or after a short while. This is to prevent the loss of nutrients that are vital to the health of an individual. Juice that is left standing for a long period of time is oxidized due to presence of heat, light and air leading to the destruction of micro nutrients. As a result health benefits of the juice are limited. Juice that needs to be stored should be kept in an airtight container to eliminate the presence of air. The container can also be wrapped with an aluminum foil to curb the presence of light. The juice should be refrigerated for a maximum of 24 hours only. Few drops of lemon juice can be added to further preserve it.