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Honeydew Health Benefits

The honeydew is a type of melon that was commonly grown in Algeria and France. It is also known as the White Antibes or as the Bailan melon. It is oval shaped, with the outer color ranging from green to yellow. The inside is pale green in color and has many seeds. It is simply the sweetest of all the melons. There are several honeydew health benefits that this fruit warrants inclusion into the diet of any health conscious individual.

Honeydew health benefits result from the fact that this fruit contains several minerals and vitamins that are necessary for health. These vitamins and minerals are:

Vitamin C- The honeydew is an excellent source of this antioxidant vitamin. In fact, studies suggest that one serving of this fruit provides about 50% of the required daily amount of vitamin C. This type of melon has the second highest amount of vitamin C when compared to all other melons. The cantaloupe has the highest vitamin C content. The vitamin C content is perhaps the most important of all the honeydew health benefits. This is because of the very important role this vitamin plays in our bodies. As it is an antioxidant, it fights disease causing free radicals and helps in tissue repair. It is also useful in helping the body absorb iron, an important mineral for blood building.

Folic acid – This is a crucial nutrient for pregnant women and women who are trying to get pregnant. Folic acid is a complex B vitamin that is soluble in water. Studies have shown that a deficiency in folic acid may result in spinal cord defects such as spinal bifida and anencephaly. Folic acid has also been shown to reduce the risk of other birth defects such as cleft lip and cleft palate, and some congenital heart defects.

This is one of the honeydew health benefits that may seem only for women but recent studies suggest that folic acid may also benefit men, particularly those who would like to be fathers. Deficiency in folic acid has been linked to infertility in men.

Folic acid is also helpful in reducing the symptoms of depression, may help fight Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative diseases, and may protect against certain cancers.

Potassium – This mineral is useful for ensuring a healthy heartbeat and controlling blood pressure.

Other honeydew health benefits are derived from its high fiber content and high water content. This makes it good for digestion and keeping well hydrated. The honeydew is also low in sodium, low in calories and has no fat.

Most of the honeydew health benefits are gotten when the melon is ripe. Good quality honeydew is one that has no bruising, smells sweet and has a rind that is white and creamy.