Healthy Fruits for Weight Loss

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Fruits are known all over the world for their nutritional benefits and for being excellent sources of energy. Moreover, studies have found that diets rich in fruits provide the body with the required nutrients to ensure proper functioning and help to keep the body hydrated as well. Recent studies on fruits show that a number of healthy fruits could actually help individuals reach their weight loss goals. These healthy fruits for weight loss may be categorized into five groups: high carbohydrate fruits, low carbohydrate fruits, citrus fruits and berries, watery fruits and dry fruits.

High carbohydrate fruits are fruits such as bananas, plums, pears and pineapples. Mangos, grapes and figs also fall in this category. As they have a high carbohydrate count, these fruits are great for jump-starting digestion and are often recommended as breakfast meals. These fruits help provide the body’s cells with nourishment after the night’s fasting. As such, these fruits should be included in any individual’s diet and should be paired with dry fruits such as apricots, dates and prunes.

Low carbohydrate fruits are known to have a high water content and a low carbohydrate count. These include fruits such as watermelons, peaches, apples and papaya. Not only do these provide the body’s cells with much needed hydration, they also help control the body’s temperature. Moreover, these fruits help expel bad cholesterol from the body. Diets that have plenty of low carbohydrate fruits do not tax the body with excess sugar. As such, diets rich in fruits like apples and watermelons may actually aid in burning excess fat and losing weight.

Citrus fruits such as lime, lemon and sweet lime as well as berries like raspberries, blackberries and cranberries are notable for their minimal carbohydrate content. When such fruits are added to one’s diet, they aid in appetite suppression and digestion which leads to healthy weight loss. Moreover, citrus fruits and berries bolster the cardiovascular system while expelling bad cholesterol ensuring that you are able to work out much more effectively.

Dry fruits such as dates, raisins and prunes round up the healthy fruits for weight loss that any diet should have. Dry fruits are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals which often complement any such deficiencies noted with fresh fruits. As such, dry fruits and high carbohydrate fruits are often paired together to help burn excess fat.

When planning your diet, you should ensure that it has some of the fruits from each category of these healthy fruits for weight loss. Fruits, and the nutrients found within them, form an essential part of any diet that helps one burn excess fat present in the body. Together with protein from any of your protein sources as well as plenty of fluids, you only need to plan your workouts effectively to see a drop in your bathroom weighing scale.