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Everyone has been taught since they were kids how important it is to eat generous portions of fruit to keep you body functioning properly. It would be a hard task to find a fruit that wasn't full of all natural, healthy nutrients that not only taste good, but are so good for you. One of the best ways to benefit from all the natural nutrients that almost all types of fruit possess, is with healthy fruit smoothies.

One great thing about smoothies is you can design the recipe to suit your individual taste and your individual health needs. Every fruit has its own set of nutrients which contains its own set of individual health values. If you find your body is in short supply of a certain nutrient, drink healthy fruit smoothies that contain the fruits that have the largest supply of the natural ingredients your body needs. What is so wonderful about this is you can pick the fruits that are among your favorites. This way it will be good for your health and have your favorite fruit taste as well.

It is so easy to make healthy fruit smoothies. For the most natural smoothies with absolutely no fat and a very low calorie content, all you need is the fruit or fruits of your choice, the fruit juice of your choice, and a few ice cubes.

If you have never made an all natural fruit smoothie it is simple. Just put two cups of your favorite fruit, one cup of your favorite fruit juice and a some ice cubes in your blender and puree until it is the consistency you prefer. If you want it thicker, add more fruit. If you want it thinner, just add more juice.

If you would like to keep you body running smoothly and your weight down, I suggest you replace some of your junk food, sugar filled drinks with healthy fruit smoothies. You will find that in a matter of weeks you will both look and feel better. Many studies have shown that individuals who feel good about their bodies, also feel good about themselves in general.

For the well being of your body and your mind, remember to add healthy fruit smoothies to your diet as soon as possible. Yes, there really are cool refreshing drinks that not only taste good, but are good for you as well. Why not try one today?