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Healthy Fruit Drinks

A revolution is sweeping America and the world today; one that involves healthy fruit drinks designed to refresh, reinvigorate, heal, and promote wellness. With the constant focus and attention on the growing prevalence of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart attack and obesity, more and more people are switching to organic and natural diets that can help them maintain a healthy lifestyle without forcing them to starve themselves in order to not gain weight.

At the center of this revolution are healthy fruit drinks made from fresh fruit juices. The most common include mango, strawberry, cherry, carrot, cranberry, melon, pineapple, pear and even tomato juice among others. The reason for this is simple: fruits contain a lot of vitamins and minerals which promote healthy body processes aiding in the prevention of diseases. They are also low fat, low calorie and no cholesterol. How can you beat that?

Take cherry, for example. The cherry fruit is rich in a variety of life-giving nutrients like antioxidants, flavonoids, and anthocyanins as well as vitamins and minerals. These regulate body processes allowing metabolic and cleansing to proceed at a smooth rate. When the body manages to flush out the toxins generated from everyday activities, the body stands a better chance of preventing the onset of illness. Likewise, the antioxidant content of cherries is excellent at nullifying free radical attacks which in turn leads to lower risk for cancers and heart diseases.

All of the goodness of these fruits are concentrated when the fruit is served in juice form. Squeezing fresh fruits to make healthy fruit drinks, for example, simply transfers all the vitamins and minerals into the juice and these are absorbed by the body faster than if the food was taken in solid form.

One caveat, however with healthy fruit drinks is that there has been an observed recent increase in the number of branded commercial fruit juices that are now found in the shelves of many supermarkets. The pitfall with these products is that they contain a lot of artificial sweeteners or sugars which can also contribute to obesity and diabetes. In other cases, the manufacturing process adds chemicals that might cause harm to the body if ingested in excess amounts.

Wherever possible, it is important to enjoy healthy fruit drinks fresh from the juicer. It doesn’t take much effort to make your own juice. Plus, you know exactly what’s going into every serving so you are in control of what you eat and drink and not at the mercy of fruit juice manufacturers. Likewise, any processing step for fruit juices only serves to make the juice as non-natural as possible defeating the purpose of buying healthy fruit drinks in the first place.

The conscious decision to shift from fattening soda to healthy fruit drinks is one that should be appreciated. However, ample attention and caution should be equally given to the manufacturing processes that make commercial fruit juice brands. In this regard, homemade healthy fruit drinks still top the best option for refreshments. Wherever possible, make your own healthy fruit drinks and enjoy the amazing benefits of all-natural fruit juices so you can be confident that you are only drinking what’s good for you.