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There are a host of fruits that have been known to pack a lot of vitamins, nutrients and disease-fighting substances like antioxidants, phytochemicals and flavonoids. For a while these fruits have gotten the attention and palate of many a health and fitness enthusiast. With the recent discovery of the health benefits of persimmons, this fruit is also starting to find its way into the kitchens and snack bowls of many fruit lovers. However, it does continue to lag behind other well known fruit in the market.

Below is a quick summary of the health benefits of persimmons in hopes people will go out of their way to try the fruit and enjoy the health benefits that it offers. Though this oriental and exotic fruit originated in China, it is now grown in many states across the continental United States.

One of the immediate health benefits of persimmons is the calorie content of the fruit. As a snack, persimmons are an excellent option because 100 grams of persimmons only contain around 70 calories. Typical fast food snacks can have as much as 200 calories per 100 gram servings making them extra fattening. With persimmons, you can enjoy a healthy snack that’s perfect in between meals without worrying about the amount of calories that you are taking in.

Much like cherries, persimmons are also abundant in a variety of healthy nutrients that help prevent diseases and regulate body processes. Persimmons are rich in phytochemicals like polyphenolic antioxidants that resemble the catechins in green tea, and cancer fighting betulinic acids.

Dieticians who study the health benefits of green tea know that catechins are excellent in their antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hemorrhagic roles which makes persimmons a fruit equivalent to green tea. The health benefits of persimmons also extend to more active disease fighting ingredients such as Vitamin A, beta carotene and lutein for improved eyesight, and lycopene, zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin for neutralizing free radicals that help to prevent cancer.

Persimmons are also rich in Vitamin C which plays an important role in regulating body processes to prevent everyday diseases like colds and common flu. Persimmons also has an abundance of exotic and rare-occurring chemicals like B-complex vitamins, mineral components like potassium, manganese, copper, and phosphorus.

Of course, while persimmons are edible right off the tree, it would help to have it as a part of a well-prepared recipe. Typical serving options to help everyone enjoy the health benefits of persimmons in a delicious way include drying the fruit and putting them as ingredients in cakes, salads, puddings or even cookies. Desserts are also a food segment that is completely compatible with persimmons served fresh, and even juiced persimmons mixed with lemon or orange puts a fresh twist to the way the fruits are served.

With the near enumerable health benefits of persimmons, people should find more time to include it in their diets. The fight for health begins with a healthy diet and persimmons are not too far in leading the charge for more organic and more delicious natural meals.

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