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HEALTH BENEFITS OF JUICING - Great tasting and healthy too

Before, one would go to the store and buy juice in a bottle ready to drink. You can still do that, but is it as good as it says it is? Juicing is getting your fruits and veggy’s in an enjoyable, nourishing way and not missing out on any of the goodness. Raw fruits and vegetables, to some, can sound unappetizing, but then put them in the juicer and it gives them a whole new meaning and taste.

The health benefits of juicing include getting the enzymes that are present in raw food. Fresh fruit and vegetables contain enzymes that play a critical role in the conversion of energy and metabolism, which can improve metabolic rate. Another health benefit of juicing is the digestion process. Drinking raw fruit and vegetables by pass this digestive procedure enabling the body to absorb more nutrients faster.

Juicing also introduces other substances, such as antioxidants. These are very beneficial ways to fight sickness and defend the immune system. Therefore, juicing contributes to rehabilitation from illness, and improves or assuages symptoms.

Many will be interested to know; juicing actually has anti-aging benefits by keeping skin free from wrinkles and muscles strong with the contribution of antioxidants. Deficiencies of certain nutrients in your body can cause depression, certain juices providing concentrated sources of particular minerals, such as potassium, iron, folic acid and calcium, all contribute to the alleviation of depression.

Other health benefits of juicing relate to your skin. The skin likes nothing better than to be free of unsightly conditions, again, antioxidants to the rescue. There are some vegetables that won’t agree with your system, for instance, if you suffer from heartburn or any of those other digestive inflictions you should of course, be lenient with fruit and sweet vegetable intakes. Carrots, though supposedly one of the best vegetables to juice, can be aggravating for anyone with digestive problems.

Sweet juices are not as good for you as they will expel toxins into your blood stream and encourage things like bacteria and viruses. Green, green as in nature are your best bet, if you are apprehensive about green vegetables at all, you will acquire a taste, it isn’t bad. Adding a lemon or apple to the mix will make a huge difference to the taste, and just add to the health benefits of juicing.

However, processed juices are missing some of the important ingredients for instance enzymes. During the pasteurization period, the high temperatures rob the product of enzymes killing them and eliminating them from the fruit or vegetables. Hence, fresh fruit and vegetables make the best juice, with the most beneficial content. A lot of the goodness in fruit and vegetables is in the skin, if you buy organic you don’t need to peel just give the fruit or vegetable a good scrub. If on the other hand you need to peel, remember you are eliminating a lot of the goodness and so your best bet still, would be scrub it.

As you can see, there are definitely health benefits of juicing. Another benefit not spoken of yet is it's quicker and easier to juice than prepare vegetables and then have to cook them. Vegetables and fruit at this time are one of the least expensive foods. Therefore, juicing has another benefit besides being good for your health. Enjoy!

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