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Health Benefits of Guava

The guava is possibly one of the lesser known fruits. This is perhaps because it is a tropical fruit mainly grown in the East and Central and South Americas. However, it easily qualifies as one of the super foods due to the fact that it is jam packed with a great deal of useful nutrients. There are therefore a number of health benefits of guava.

We cannot speak about the health benefits of guava without first describing exactly what type of fruit it is. The guava is round, pear shaped or oval depending on the specific variety. Its outside is green when not yet ripe but it may ripen to either a nice yellow or red. The inside is white, pink, orange or red. The inside consists of a soft pulp with a large number of very small seeds. The guava can be eaten ripe or semi-ripe if you prefer your fruits with a bit crunch. When completely ripe, the fruit is soft.

The health benefits of guava are derived from the fact that it is a rich source of antioxidants. It contains the antioxidant lycopene which has been shown to provide some protection against prostate cancer. The amount of lycopene is much higher in the skin of the guava than in its pulp so it is crucial to consume the whole fruit including its skin.

The guava is also an excellent source of beta carotene. This is the compound carrots are known to be rich in. The body turns beta carotene into Vitamin A which is important for promoting good eyesight. It is also a good source of Vitamin C. It is said that the guava contains more than five times the amount of Vitamin C than oranges. Vitamin C is known to aid ub prevention of a number of diseases.

Another one of the health benefits of guava is in the role it plays in reducing the risk of hypertension and reducing cholesterol levels. The guava is rich in fiber and potassium which can play a role in reducing high blood pressure. The fact that it is rich in fiber also means that it will play a role in reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Fiber slows down the rate of sugar absorption in the body. The fiber is derived from the skin and the seeds.

Some of the health benefits of guava are derived from its richness in astringents. The astringents are anti-bacterial in nature and act as disinfectants in the digestive tract. The guava is therefore useful in curing a digestive disease like dysentery because bacterial growth is inhibited. It is also good for constipation due to its high fiber content.

Other health benefits of guava include fighting colds and coughs, promoting fertility in both men and women, treating acne and improving skin texture, weight loss and relaxing nerves.

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