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What Are The Health Benefits of Guava Fruits

Maintaining your health is essential for ensuring the body can fully function without falling prey to disease. Fortunately, maintaining your health is relatively easy. All it entails is ensuring that you eat the right foods, as well as maintain a moderate exercise regime. When it comes to eating the right foods, the majority knows that eating healthy portions of fruits and vegetables is vital to staying healthy. However, few know the health benefits of guava fruits over the many other fruits on the market.

The guava is a tropical fruit that resembles the pear in shape. Its color is a shade of green that changes to a slight yellow as the fruit ripens. It has pink flesh with small seeds. The whole of the guava fruit can be eaten including the rind. The health benefits of guava fruits are truly innumerable.

The guava fruit is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C. When compared to citrus fruits such as the orange, the guava has over five times the Vitamin C concentrations of the orange in its rind alone. Moreover, the guava fruit is an unusually rich in calcium. The fruit is also rich in Vitamin A and B, as well as iron, folate, and very high concentrations of fiber.

Besides providing all these nutritional benefits to one’s body, one of the health benefits of guava fruits is that they help to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. This helps in protecting your heart from the buildup of fatty deposits which would otherwise cause a heart attack. Eating guavas also has the additional benefit of improving the circulation and therefore plays a role in strengthening the heart.

Some other health benefits of guava fruits include preventing as well as treating scurvy, the treatment of asthma, acidosis, congestion of the lungs, as well as aiding in the treatment of prolonged menstruation.

To receive all these health benefits of guava fruits, all your have to do is eat the whole fruit. Eating the rind will provide you with a huge amount of Vitamin C and fiber which is also useful if one has constipation problems. Moreover, the soft, pink flesh is quite edible as are the seeds though one has the option of removing them before eating the fruit.

The guava is a small fruit which makes it the ideal snack to receive all these benefits from. Moreover, it is low in calories (about 70) and high in fiber and water content which would make a viable option for those on low fat diets. When choosing guavas, it is usually best to choose those which are already ripe. To test this, one should gently squeeze the fruit to see if it will give way under pressure. If it feels like it will, the guava is ripe.

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