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For all you wine lovers who have thought about making your own wine but never have, try one of these fantastic grape wine recipes. It is not that hard to do and wine that you made yourself is always a treat to drink.

The first of these grape wine recipes is made with seedless grapes. Here is what you will need.

2 pounds of seedless or seeded grapes
2 teaspoons of active dry yeast
4 pounds of sugar
5 liters of boiled and cooled water

First clean a glass or ceramic jar and let dry. Next boil the water and let it cool. While the water is boiling you can go ahead and be cleaning and washing the grapes. After washing them crush the grapes in your hands, or you can use a wooden spoon if you like. Mix 2 pounds of the sugar in with the grapes. Dissolve the yeast in a ½ cup of warm water and set it aside for 15 minutes to rise.

After the yeast has risen put the sugar and grape mix in the jar or container you are using and then add the yeast. Add the water to the jar that you boiled and cooled and seal the container airtight for 3 weeks. You will want to remove the top once a day to stir the mixture for a couple of minutes but be sure it is airtight again after stirring.

After 3 weeks strain the mixture with a muslin cloth and add the other 2 pounds of sugar. Let the wine set another 3 weeks so that the sediments fall to the bottom and the wine clears up and then siphon in off as best you can without disturbing the sediments. Store the wine in clean glass bottles.

The second of these grape wine recipes works with any grape varieties but is especially tasty with the darker ones.

1 quart of your favorite grapes
3 pounds of sugar
¼ teaspoon of plain baker's yeast
3 liters of water

Once you have cleaned and removed any seeds put the grapes in a container large enough to mash them. It is better to use something made of wood for mashing or your hands are even better. After the grapes are mashed add enough water to cover them, dissolve the yeast in ½ cup of water and stir into the mixture. Put a cloth over the mixture to keep out insects and then let it set for 5 days.

At the end of 5 days separate the pulp from the juice using muslin cloth. Put the 3 pounds of sugar in a glass or ceramic container, add a quart of hot water and stir. Then you can add the juice to the container as well. Put cloth or plastic over the top to keep dirt or insects out and let set for 3 or 4 days. You can them add the rest of the water.

Let the container set in a cool and preferably dark place for around 6 weeks to let the sediments settle and then siphon the wine out trying not to disturb the sediments. Put the wine in bottles and let set for a few more weeks.

I hope you will at least try one of these grape wine recipes. Of course you are probably not going to get the clear wine you buy at the stores from our homemade recipes, but it should have a really nice taste which will be even better due to the fact you made it with your on hands.

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