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Benefits of Fruit Extracts

One of the best and cost-effective alternatives of dried and fresh fruit is the use of fruit extracts. This is because the nutritional value of the fruit comprising the flavor, color, taste, pigments, sugar and acids are preserved. Moreover, the dried or fresh fruit is converted to a concentrated form of the fruit that is easy to store and use. Usually, it costs a lot to preserve fresh fruits in order for one to store them. Also, storing dried fruits can create a nuisance if you are doing it in a large quantity.

Natural fruit extracts have been used to a great extent as an aromatic in the making of conditioners and shampoos for decades. Of late these extracts are also being used to manufacture body care products such as perfumes, bath products and soaps. Therefore, manufactures are able to include vitamins, anti-oxidants, phytochemicals and polyphenols in the production of body care products, perfumes, soaps and bath products. This enables the skin to accrue all the nutrients and essential elements it requires to overcome the wear and tear it faces on a daily basis. This is in contrast to synthetic manufactured skin care products as they do not contain essential oils which have a plethora of health related benefits.

The use of fruit extracts in the manufacture of skin care products enables the skin to remain healthier and sustain its elasticity. This is because the absorbed vitamins boost the immunity of the skin cells thereby curbing the development of various diseases. Also the absorbed antioxidants play a vital role of destroying free radicals which when left in the body damages the skin cells and tissue. In addition, antioxidants prevent the skin from aging thereby prolonging its youthful state, smoothness and shininess.

One of the most popular uses for fruit extracts are as diet supplements. For instance, the use of acai fruit extracts subjects individuals to a wide array of health benefits as the natural supplements of this fruit curbs the development of many diseases such as cancer and degenerative ailments like Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, the extract of acai fruit contains a high percentage of omega-3 fatty acids which play the important role of reducing the levels of cholesterol in the blood vessels. As a result the risk for development of cardiovascular related diseases such as stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure are reduced. In addition, the elasticity of arteries is enhanced.

Furthermore, the acai fruit extracts contain a high percentage of fibers which improve the function of the digestive tract. Metabolism of food is enhanced thereby protecting individuals from the adversities of constipation, bloating and hemorrhoids. Conversely, the acai extracts enable individuals to lose weight and maintain the recommended body mass index. On the other hand, pregnant women that are prone to miscarriages can effectively prevent their occurrence by using products made from acai extracts. Last but not least the acai extracts boost the cognitive ability of individuals thereby preventing the development of mental disorders.

Though I used acai fruit extracts as an example there are many other fruit extracts that are just as effective. Cherry concentrate extract is very popular since cherries became known as a super fruit because of their many health benefits.

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