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Choosing a diet can be a complicated task, especially if one is searching for a diet that provides all the health benefits such as losing weight while proving adequate immunity. While there are no diets that can wholly offer complete health benefits, a number of diets have come close to providing all our bodily needs. For instance, take fruit diets. Fruit diets are some of the easiest and cheapest diets anyone could follow. Moreover, one can take as many portions of fruits without worrying about adverse effects such as weight gain. This is because fruit has very little calories as compared to other diets such as the protein and carbohydrate diets.

The best thing about fruit diets is that they do not have to be extensively long in terms of time. In fact some fruit diets only last a day, while others can last up to ten days at a time. The duration of the diet wholly depends on the overall effect that one desires to obtain.

Fruit diets are one of the best methods for detoxification and freeing one’s body from the harsh effects of modern, processed foods. The main varieties of fruit diets include the one day diet, the three day diet and the seven-to-ten day diet.

The one-day diet is chosen when the body requires a rest from the harmful toxic effects of processed foods. As we take more processed foods each day, the number of toxins within the body builds up. This results in situations whereby we fall prey to illness. Moreover, one’s digestive system may become overworked and may require a resting period. Through the one-day diet, one effectively gives the body a chance to start eliminating these toxins. Thus, the body starts to regain its vitality.

The three day fruit diets are quite helpful with people who have common illnesses such as the flu or a cold. Studies indicate that patients with these illnesses start recovering by the third day after taking a diet consisting of fruit. Moreover, those with digestive problems also have significantly less problems by the end of the third day of the diet.

The seven-to-ten day diet is used for full body detoxification. This relates to the removal of toxins located deep within the body. Often, these toxins are as a result of constant unhealthy diets. Common toxic problems in this case include gout, digestive problems, as well as constipation. A steady long-term diet of fruits has been found to be crucial to eliminating a number of the symptoms associated with each of these problems.

While fruit diets are beneficial, they should not replace other core components of the diet the body needs such as carbohydrates or proteins. However, one should take a few days off their normal diets to focus on the health benefits that they can receive from a few days of fruit diets.

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