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Of all the diets that are around, the genuine ones and the fads, there are a couple that makes the most sense. One of them is the fruit diet weight loss program; it is logical if you eat the right foods you will stay healthy and remain within your allotted weight range, whatever health professionals think that should be. However, as with any specific diet, exercise should always be included.

You can’t just lose weight healthily by diet alone. A certain amount of exercise must be involved otherwise the fat that dissipates will leave sagging skin. Even if you are interested in losing a small amount of weight, you could still end up with excess skin. However, exercise along with that diet would firm that as time went along.

A short walk on a daily basis will accomplish a lot. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym toning or stretching just a simple walk. Make it brisk. If you have a dog, then walk the dog, you will both enjoy it. Some days you just don’t feel like doing that, getting ready going out, but then once you are out there walking you will be amazed at how good you feel.

While on your fruit diet weight loss program, vegetables of course are another source of healthy eating. There are certain ‘vegetables’ that are not vegetables at all, just mistakenly called so. Tomatoes, corn kernels, and bean pods are actually fruit.

There are two main divisions: Botanical Fruits and Culinary vegetables, tomatoes for example fall in between. The definition is distinguished by the seeds! Fruits have seeds, vegetables don’t, so if you want to get technical things like squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, are also considered fruit. These could be included in a strict fruit diet weight loss program.

Vegans live very well on eating only vegetables and fruit. Vegetarians eat certain things like dairy products and some eat fish, however the average vegetarian won’t eat anything that has a face. So, if Vegans live long healthy lives with a main diet of vegetables and fruit, then it can’t be a negative thing.

If you are not used to eating a lot of fruit, or are just not one that enjoys fruit, then the alternative is to squeeze or juice it. Your stomach could have a difficult time with just fruit for a start, especially if your eating habits up until now have included a lot of fast food. Or even at home fast food, like Mac and Cheese, or fried egg sandwiches, these things will not help with losing weight. To detox your body and get into healthy shape you need to try the fruit diet weight loss system

Your fruit diet weight loss program should include five good helpings of fruit a day. A helping is considered a cup. In addition, drink gallons of water. For this period, ten 8 oz glasses of water a day should be consumed. This will put your body through a detoxification process, a cleansing, removing all kinds of toxins that you didn’t know existed, from your body. You should proceed with this process for an average of three to four week. Once the preliminary stage is over, there are other foods that should be eaten along with your fruit diet weight loss program. Those are foods of choice, but you must maintain your fruit diet, and add other foods gradually. Stay away from animal fats and processed foods which have a lot of sugar.

Once your diet is over, you should notice an improvement in your weight. In order to keep this new look, you should still maintain the diet you established once your weight goal has been reached.