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Doctors and dieticians have always lauded the positive benefits of fruits and vegetables when it comes to health. This is of course because they are packed with nutrients that promote well being and health. Until recently, however, this praise for the nutritive value of fruit was never associated with memory retention. Today, studies have established that fruit and memory have a close relationship and that fruits are essential in making sure that memory is not impaired as people age.

Fruit and memory are closely linked by substances known to the medical community as phytonutrients. Phytonutrients, according to the latest studies, play a role in retarding aging for brain cells as well as keeping neutral networks fired up and engaged so memory is continually exercised and used.

Specific phytonutrients found in many fruits are polyphenol antioxidants and are present in large quantities of apples, strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, blueberries and many other fruits. Eating a regular amount of these fruits daily can help to improve memory retention as well as delay the dreaded effects of aging to the brain.

The link between fruit and memory also goes beyond phytonutrients to include natural sugars. Sugars are the purest form of fuel for brain cells and natural sugars are high in glucose density giving more fuel for the brain without the unnecessary side effects that come with processed, inorganic food.

Scientists think that the combination of phytonutrients which help slow down the aging process as well as giving the brain sufficient fuel for it to process information faster is the key to the fruit and memory relationship. Today, studies continue in many academic institutions across the world try to shed light on this fruit and memory connection. However, even before we get to the level where we are sufficiently informed to explain the connection, eating fruits is already beneficial enough as it is so that there is no reason to stop incorporating more and more fruits into one’s diet.

One important thing to consider is that there is no magic fruit to help you resolve all your memory issues in such a short period. Memory problems are the product of a complex interaction between varieties of factors that are hard to isolate. The best that one can do is to eat a well-balanced diet to get as many types of natural sugars and phytonutrients into the body as possible to facilitate reactions that can help reverse the effects of aging on memory retention.

You can better enjoy the full benefits of the fruit and memory connection as you incorporate more food groups into your diet so you get the full spectrum of natural chemicals that regulate body processes which help you maintain an active metabolism that is also essential to healthy body. Studies find that most doctors will tell you that a healthy body is more likely to produce a healthy mind.

There are more studies exploring the fruit and memory relationship but it is still in the early stages. However, it is already safe to say fruit will continue to play a major part in the diets of those looking to keep their memories and bodies running efficiently as they age.

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