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Creating An Edible Fruit Basket

Celebrating special occasions adds a sparkle to anyone’s life. You can definitely add more sparkle by moving from the traditional keepsake gifts and giving an edible fruit basket as a gift for various occasions from weddings to Thanksgiving dinner. Edible fruit baskets are adorned with fruits that can be eaten. They come in various designs and the fruits used depend on the season and occasion. They can also be used as home or office decorations. To prepare an unforgettable edible fruit basket gift, take the following into consideration:

Container - This holds the fruit together and needs to be chosen wisely. Mostly, as the name implies, baskets are used. However, glass containers and pots add a touch of class to your gift. In some parts of Asia, there are edible baskets. They are made of noodles or edible grasses that may be coated with spreads such as chocolate.

Fruit selection - This is critical as the fruit is the major part of the arrangement. One consideration that determines the fruit to be used is the duration between when the gift is prepared and when it is consumed. Using the fruits in season ensures that the edible fruit basket is really very fresh.

The occasion may determine the fruits to be included in the basket. Online help is available from fruit experts as to what fruits are best suited for particular occasions. Also consider preferences of the recipient as well as any allergies. You certainly do not want your gift to give the recipient an irritable itch or rash.

Arrangement - This will get your creative juices running. Arrangements depend on the occasion, the type of fruits you are using or your personal style. It reflects style and beauty and may be an indicator of the time you spent preparing the gift. An arrangement can have taller fruits at the back and shorter ones at the front. Another can have tall fruits at the centre, shorter ones tapering to the sides of the basket.

Extras - The fruit basket does not have to be limited to fruits. Additions can be made to improve the appearance as well as nutritional value of the gift. Vegetables add color. Chocolate, nuts and sugar free candy make it even more special. Drinks such as wine and fruit juices may also be added, as well as jams and jelly. The list is only limited by your imagination and creativity. Non food items such as flower and twigs can be added but its best to keep these at a minimum.

Presentation - First impressions last so presentation of the finished product is very important. The entire basket can be wrapped with clear plastic wrap or just have a decorative ribbon tied around it. It adds value to attach a little card with a special personalized message.

An edible fruit basket can be a great gift whatever the occasion. It’s a healthy gift and its beauty portrays your thoughtfulness. They are bound to impress your friends.