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Dried Fruit Snacks

Instead of piling up the pounds from constantly eating junk foods like potato and corn chips, consider switching to healthy dried fruit snacks. Many often shy away from fresh fruits because they do not like the texture or the taste. Drying the fruits and transforming them into the texture of your favorite junk foods might be the best way to have you or your kids learn to love the health and wellness that is in every fruit serving without having to compromise on your preferences for a tasty snack.

The easiest way to do this is to head to the supermarket near you to purchase dried fruit snacks that match your taste. You will find some brands lined up at the fruit section while others will be classified as “snacks” and you should find these lined up next to your favorite chips. With so many options to choose from including but not limited to dried bananas, dried apples, apricots, raisins, dried mango and many others, there is always a fruit that matches your taste and cravings.

Now, even when you cannot find your preferred dried fruit snack from the nearest grocery or supermarket, you can always count on finding online internet stores that offer dried fruit snacks of your choice. However, in this case, you need to be mindful of a few considerations that should help you come up with the best quality for your chosen product.

The first and most important is to make sure that the dried fruit snacks you order do not have added preservatives. It’s easy for stores to be tempted to putting in these preservatives in order to increase the shelf life of their products but in fact, it is no longer necessary as the drying process already preserves the fruit. Stay away from products that have added preservatives in order to spare yourself from the risk of added chemicals to your food.

Second, check the packaging to make sure there are no sugars and flavorings added. Sugars add calories to each serving and eating overly sweet dried fruit snacks defeats the purpose of switching to these healthier options as opposed to eating potato chips and corn chips. The dried fruits should already be flavorful in themselves and should not require any added flavor.

When in doubt, you can always make your own dried fruit snacks. You can buy fresh fruit from the supermarket and then use a dehydrator, oven or dry the fruits in the sun. The exact temperature and oven time you need depends on the moisture content of the fruit. In the case of cherries which are easily one of the most famous dried fruit snacks, 3 to 4 days out in the sun should be sufficient.

There is plenty of health goodness in every serving of dried fruit snacks. Pick up a pack today or make one for you and your family so you can enjoy all the health goodness without sacrificing your taste for savory snacks.