Blackberry Jelly Recipe

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There is nothing like a spoonful of blackberry jelly to go inside some hot buttered biscuits or on top of your breakfast toast. Now that is the way to start the morning off right.

If you have been searching for a really great blackberry jelly recipe here is a good one to start with.

You only need these ingredients:

8 pounds of fresh blackberries
juice of 1 lemon
1 ¼ pints of water
¾ pounds of sugar for each pint of water accumulated

Wash the blackberries and let them stew until they turn pulpy. Check for pectin and put in a jelly bag to strain overnight. The next day measure the water and put it in a pan to boil. As the it boils add ¾ pounds of sugar for each pint of liquid and stir it in until it is completely dissolved. Boil until the jelly sets and after removing the scum put in the jelly jars and seal while it is still hot. Could it get any easier than that?

Some people like to replace part of the blackberries with apples but that is up to the preparer. I personally like to stick just with the berries.

Blackberries that are freshly picked are of course the best to use in your blackberry jelly recipe. It can also give you some great exercise and fresh air in the great outdoors. Lookout for those redbugs that like to hang around the plants and take a ride home with you. Don't worry though. They are harmless and a good warn bath and a dab of alcohol will get rid of any you may pick up.

If you are having a craving for blackberry jelly and can't wait until they are in season, you can use frozen ones. They are almost as good.

Blackberries also have a cousin called the dewberry. The dewberry usually grows a little larger and is even a little sweeter than the blackberry. The usually come into season a few weeks before blackberries so you could use this tasty little fruit in place of the blackberry. They are so similar in looks and taste that most people can't tell them apart so using they can give be another great addition to your jelly cupboard.

I hope you like this blackberry jelly recipe and that you will stay around our website for some of our great articles. One of the best things about all fruit is that they are not only delicious - but healthy for you as well.