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A surprising fruit snack that we all love also gives our bodies great health benefits. That fruit is bananas. Bananas are grown in many locations around the world, and can easily be found in a grocery market near you anytime of the year. You can make many tasty and healthy treats with bananas such as fruit salads and banana smoothies, just to name a couple. Of course they are also delicious right out of their yellow zip lock package. It is always nice to eat something that not only taste great but is good for you as well. In fact let's talk about bananas health benefits for a moment.

You may be wondering just how good are bananas health benefits. Well bananas are full of things that can help us in everyday life. One of the most important benefits the banana has is its large potassium content. An average size banana has four hundred and sixty seven milligrams of potassium. Potassium is an essential vitamin that is necessary for normal heart function and normal blood pressure. There are many doctors who tell their patients to eat at least one banana a day to help keep the heart and blood pressure normal. In addition to these benefits, potassium also helps with bone health. This has been studied by many researchers who have concluded that potassium may counteract the urinary calcium loss that is caused by a high salt diet. Eating bananas will help to prevent the bones from getting thin and brittle.

If you suffer from heartburn and stomach ulcers you know that the pain can sometimes be almost unbearable, and having an ulcer can cause your entire stomach to hurt. Bananas have been known for their antacid effects for many years. Studies have shown a mixture of bananas and milk will help curb acid production, which is the cause of heartburn. Bananas also contain a substance that activates cells in the stomach's lining which will help to eliminate the harmful bacteria in the stomach that causes ulcers.

Other bananas health benefits include helping with constipation by normalizing your evacuation process. If you are constipated and eat one or two bananas you should feel relief within a day. Bananas are also great for individuals that have diarrhea. They are full of electrolytes that help your body firm up your loose stools. Bananas will also help the kidneys by promoting urination which will get rid of any harmful substances that have found themselves a home there.

Need and energy boost? The three natural sugars in bananas, glucose, sucrose and fructose, will give you a surge of energy that will last for hours. It is no wonder why many athletes eat bananas when they are in need of an extra shot of natural power.

Believe it or not, bananas are also great for curing or preventing hangovers. If you were not aware of it, you might like to know that the main cause of a hangover is dehydration, which will deplete your bodies potassium. So, if you think you might party to hardy one night, drink two full glasses of water and eat a banana. You will not believe how much this will help.

Like many other fruits, bananas health benefits include their low fat, low calorie, yet fiber filled content. If you are wanting to drop off a few of those extra pounds you are carrying around, what could be better than a natural fruit diet. Bananas are a bulky fruit, and after eating just one or two your stomach can feel full, taking away any hunger pains you may be having. Why not replace that bar of candy or bag of chips with a healthy low fat snack? If you will only try it a few weeks you will be surprised at the results.

What is perhaps the nicest thing about bananas health benefits is not only are they good for you, but they have that fantastic taste and are so versatile. You can put them in desserts, fruit drinks, fruit salads, and a host of other delicious concoctions. With just a little internet browsing you can find a ton of great recipes for preparing this healthy and tasty fruit.

There are even more health benefits connected to the banana than are not mentioned in this article. If you are interested, you can find a number of great articles on the internet. Don't forget to check out some of the other fruit health benefits while you are on this page, and if you would like, bookmark us. We are going to constantly be added new and interesting information about all fruits and why they are so good for us.