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Apples health benefits are known all over the world and have been for thousands of years, having been the first fruit mentioned in the Bible. They are in fact, one of the worlds most eaten snack fruits. Even though many are used in the kitchen to make things like apple pies and other dessert dishes, over 60% of them are bought and eaten as fresh fruit.

Apples health benefits are many. For one thing apples are full of antioxidants, which are very important in our fight against free radicals. The human body is full of free radicals which are harmful and unavoidable substances found within the human body. A build up of these free radicals can lead to infections, cancers and other health problems. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants makes it easier to help curb these free radicals. It is recommended that you eat at least five serving of antioxidant rich fruit a day in order to receive the antioxidant value your body needs.

Not only does the antioxidants found in apples help with free radicals, they also help to fight other health problems as well. Antioxidants help with memory processes that affect us as we age. Some studies even suggest that apples help in the prevention of certain aging diseases such as dementia.

Apples health benefits have also been shown to help with certain types of cancer. This is in part because of their flavonoid content. Flavonoids are water soluble poly-phenolic molecules that give plant life and fruits its large array colors. Some researchers have found that if an individual eats apples which contain flavonoids (the dark red ones have the most), their body is better protected against lung and prostrate cancer. Stroke risks are also lower when a large amount of flavonoids are consumed daily. One thing that needs to be mentioned at this point is that most of the flavonoids are in the skin, so don't peel the apple before you eat it.

If you find yourself at risk for heart disease or have cholesterol problems, apples health benefits might be just what you need. Some studies have suggested that people who do not have a diet with a large fruit content are at a higher risk of heart disease. This is in part because apples help to lower cholesterol in a number of different ways. Have you ever noticed how a nice firm apple is at times hard to bite into? This is because it is so densely filled with fiber. Fiber binds fatty acids and blood cholesterol together and makes your bile stools bulkier, producing looser bowel movements which will help transport the cholesterol out of your body.

One reason an apple is an ideal snack food is because it is so low in calories. Nutritionist say if people would replace their junk food snacks such as candy bars and potato chips with a fruit snack such as an apple, their body would experience weight loss and lower cholesterol in only a few months. This could be very significant to an individuals overall health.

When you are purchasing apples, buy only the ones that are firm to the touch and have no bruises. It's skin should be clear, and if you smell it it should give you a fresh smell, not a musty one.

Apples health benefits have a lot broader base than I have been able it give you it this one short article. With a little research you can easily become aware of other health benefits they contain. Our site will also give you other information on this tasty and very popular fruit, so come visit again.