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Benefits of Acai Fruit Juice

A revolution is sweeping the food industry and superfoods are at the heart of the change. More and more people are shifting to organic and natural food supplements to augment their diets in order to boost their nutrient and vitamin intake. A popular example of these superfoods is acai fruit juice which is taken from the acai berry predominantly found in the Amazon rainforests in Brazil.

Among the many lauded benefits of acai fruit juice is its ability to fight disease due to its high concentration of antioxidants that help in neutralizing disease causing free radicals. We gain free radicals through a variety of sources such as bad food, a stressful environment, and most notably through pollution in the water we drink and air we breathe. We antioxidants, these free radicals are eliminated in advance before they get a chance to harm the cells of the body.

In the same way, acai fruit juice has also been shown to enhance the body’s natural immune system through anthocyanins which are a class of flavonoids that help to disinfect the body from harmful toxins and viruses. People constantly exposed to disease carrying microbes such as doctors and nurses can benefit from a regular supplement of acai extract which provides the body with an extra line of defense against infection and illnesses.

Another new discovery that has enhanced the popularity of acai berries and acai fruit juice is its ability to aid in weight loss and do it in a natural way without extreme dietary changes or other complications. The same substances that work to prevent diseases – antioxidants and flavonoids – actually hasten the metabolic processes in the body resulting to a faster rate of fat breakdown as well as a boost in energy levels and a reduction in the incidence of fatigue. Individuals who consume a higher level of antioxidants on a daily basis are generally more active throughout the day and are able to do more; this in turn leads to higher caloric burn promoting healthy weight loss by simple being active and avoiding being sedentary.

Not by coincidence, an increasing number of athletes are taking acai extract supplements prior to games to boost their energy levels allowing them to play longer at a higher intensity without fear of fatigue or burn out. Acai fruit juice is also starting to find its way into the diet of endurance athletes like marathoners and triathlon practitioners who are looking to gain an advantage by staying fresher for longer without the aid of synthetic chemicals or illegal drugs.

The important consideration is to always buy authentic acai extract to make your acai fruit juice and not fall for diluted mixtures that have reduced potency per dosage. To do this, look for those with a stamp of approval by the Brazilian health authorities as authentic products coming out of the Amazonian rainforests. Likewise, do not fall victim to cheap offers as they are likely to be cheap imitations. Real acai extract costs up to $50 per bottle and is rightfully priced given the labor intensive tasks associated with harvesting the berry in the thick of the Amazon. Last but not the least, vendors are required by law to provide a money-back guarantee to protect consumers from fraudulent vending behavior.

Nutrition experts recommended 1-2 servings of acai supplements per day, achieved by mixing one tablespoon of acai extract to half a liter of water. It’s preferable to drink your acai fruit juice soon after meals although they will work just as well when consumed alone.

Consider adding acai fruit juice to your diet to boost your resistance to sickness as well as promote a healthier, more active lifestyle. There is value in eating the right foods and acai berries are at the top of the list. You would do well to invest in good nutrition for a healthier, better you.

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